Video Packs

Video Packs

SNG Poker Video Packages


Our sit and go poker video packs contain content focused on helping players improve in any type of game. All of these packs are downloadable, and playable on popular media players. We work with the top players in each game format to deliver the very best products. Our complete guides, courses and instructional videos are designed to maximize your learning and improvement in poker.



6 Max Video Packs


Crushing 6-Max Hyper Turbos - The ILS007 6 max hyper turbo series combines 12 video lessons from one of the top players in the world. Over 13 hours of instructional video is in this video pack, designed to help improve your 6 max hyper turbo game!


6 max hyper turbo SNG video pack - Over 13 hours of 6 max hyper turbo sit and go content for only $39.99. Step into heaps of strategy from Matt "Glitlr" Meo and Truck T, along with a video from Gosox83


Sparta45 and Sizzlinbetta Video Pack - This video package consists of videos from 2 of our most popular and successful players, Sparta45 and Sizzlinbetta. It contains all of Sizzlinbetta's videos that he has made for this site and all of Sparta45's videos from 2012 and the last half of 2011. In total it consists of 55 videos for only $39.99.


Moving up through 6 max hypers with GLITLR - This package consists of 6 videos from Matt "Glitlr" Meo in 6 max Hyper Turbos. These are brand new never before seen videos and begin at the micro stakes and end up at the $100 buyin level. Below is a run down of what is in each video and also some free clips to give you some idea of the high quality analysis that you have come to expect from Matt.



HUSNG Video Packs


Greenbast Turbo Speed - Greenbast is a successful mid stakes turbo speed heads up player. He provides his complete guide to beating this very profitable format, designed for beginning to intermediate level players and perfect for any level player transitioning into HUSNG turbos.


Hyper Turbo Masters - Almost 6 hours of video from some of the top names in HUSNGs. Chadders0, HokieGreg, Mersenneary, Shortsharpshock and U Cnat Spel combine with over 2 million in HUSNG winnings to bring you the very first Masters Pack.


Coffeeyay Math in HUSNGs - This hyper turbo focused pack focuses on the essential math, analysis and study habits that make up a professional level poker player. Adam "Coffeeyay" Sobolewski uses his advanced education degree and his hyper turbo experience to bring you the best free and premium poker software with clear explanations on how to perform equity calculations and to how to get the most out of your analytical time.


Crushing Heads Up Zoom - Crushing Heads Up Zoom is the only only video package currently available outlining a comprehensive strategy on how to beat this new and exciting form of Fast Fold Poker. Authors Mr Triple2 and 1flightaway have shown excellent results playing these games. They’ve teamed up to bring you the ultimate guide to playing and winning in one of the fastest growing and most profitable games today:  fast fold poker. More specifically Zoom Heads Up.




Elliot Roe MP3s - Elliot Roe is a certified hypnotherapist and acclaimed mental poker coach. His popular MP3s have reached thousands of players. With excellent reviews from popular poker players such as Jonathon Little, YourDoom, Cog Dissonance and dozens more, Elliot is an excellent choice to get your mind in the right place, before, during and after your poker sessions. The following are available:


- Mindset Pregame Warmup

- Live Poker Mindset

- Online Poker Mindset

- Post Session Warmdown

18 Man SNG


Starting Out in SNGs - With over $200,000 in winnings, ILS007 is an experienced SNG coach. This pack is designed for beginner to intermediate level players and covers all the essentials needed to start winning in sit and go poker.


Crushing 18 Mans Series - Two great video series combined into one pack, from ILS007. Users receive both the Advanced SNG and SNG Excellence series videos, over 20 hours of high level content.



9 Man SNG


9 Man Bonanza Pack - This package consists of all of Gamb64's videos that he made(22 in total). Some of it is 9man but a lot of it is general strategy that relates to most forms of sit'n'go poker.Also included is all the 9 man videos that have been made by Glitlr(17 in total)


Dombomain Video Pack - This package consists of all of dombomain33's videos that he made(43 in total). Focused primarily on 6 and 9 man sit and gos, with an average buyin of $100.





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